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Bank Street has been a favorite project of ours since we completed the renovation 2 years ago. A live work space for Brianne DeRolph, the studio is home to DriftIndustry and Sidecar Creatives. Initially, Compton Construction helped construct the 1,916 sq. ft. adaptive reuse space by building walls, a rooftop deck, and updating the building to be livable (Check out our work).

We heard a few updates were happening at Bank street, so we stopped back in to check the space out, and see what has been happening.

After catching up, we paraphrased our conversation:

Compton Construction: Tell us about DriftIndustry/Sidecar Creatives/Bank Street.

Bri: Drift Industries focuses on freelance design and custom fabrication. We can design and build, or just build from your design. Sidecar Creatives focuses on branded spaces; primarily hospitality and retail


Compton Construction: What guides your work or inspires your work?

Bri: I take a lot of road trips. What I see in my travel inspires me. I’m driven to learn something new and figure out how to do more. I get a sense of accomplishment while working with my hands. I like seeing things get created.


Compton Construction: What part of your work gets you most excited?

Bri: I enjoy the design becoming real, and not only existing as a digital idea. When we start with a design and then fabricate it, I get most excited.


Compton Construction: What do you enjoy working with most?

Bri: I’m most comfortable working with wood. Metal is exciting though. It’s still new to me and I like learning the new techniques.


Compton Construction: What is on the workbench currently?

Bri: We had a tree milled and the wood is drying for a 14′ outdoor table. We plan to carve a fish in the center after its built.  We are also in the construction phase for a restaurant design we’ve been working on over the past year


Compton Construction: What work have you completed since Compton Construction left?

Bri: I added all the garden space, and raised beds. I finished up the custom bathtub and shower. Added kitchen and office cabinets and furniture. I built furniture on the roof deck. There was a leak on the roof over the workshop this winter, so I had the roof repaired as well.


Compton Construction: Looking back, how did you feel about self performing so much work?

Bri: The Bank Street project wasn’t an easy project for either of us. It was a long process! Blake and I have a good long standing relationship now. The communication was open throughout the project, especially when it was difficult, and I respect Blake for that.


Compton Construction: Would you recommend self performing work to other business owners?

Bri: Don’t do it to save money. Do it to enjoy the process! Everything takes more time than you think and it was probably the best lesson in patience I’ve had.


Compton Construction: Anything else you would like to share?

Bri:  I love working in this type of space. They are more popular in other cities, but not around here. I hope to see others similar to it in Columbus.


For more information about DriftIndustry or Sidecar Creatives, check out their websites.
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