General Contracting

Compton Construction is committed to your project. We see your project’s success as instrumental in the success of the city and our culture. Let us turn your vision into a space where it can flourish. These spaces require a sophisticated approach in the methods of how we deliver them to you. In any successful construction project, the owner and builder must work as a team, and, as a team, we will collaborate with you, coordinate with our trusted sub-contractors, and construct your project, to fulfill your vision.

General Contracting

Construction Management Schedule

Cost & Schedule Control

Time is money. We take a cost-conscious approach that proactively allocates your budget appropriately. The amount of planning that happens throughout the project helps us spot potential issues early, as well as schedule work for the most efficient flow. As a result, you save time and money.
Construction Management Safety


Safety is essential on all construction sites. We believe in our people, and protecting them is the first priority in completing their tasks. We ensure a safe environment for our workers, our clients, and any other tenants or visitors to the area. Our construction managers understand the importance of an overall safe work environment, and make it a priority in their daily activities.
Construction Management Contract

Contract Management

No matter the size of the project, contracts will need to be managed. Compton Construction has the expertise to ensure contracts are fulfilled and all work is up to your standard of excellence. We provide a main point of contact to keep everything organized, complete, and legal. Rest easy knowing it’s covered.
Construction Management Material

Materials Management

Having the right materials for the job makes all the difference on the final appearance of the project. Do you want real Ohio sourced barn wood? A custom steel framed fixture, made by a local welder? No matter how custom or standard, we know where to get the materials your project needs. Through our trusted network of partners, we can offer you a range ofoptions in both appearance and quality, for a budget that works.
Construction Management Company

Construction Coordination

A construction project has a lot of moving parts, and specific trades depend on the completion of others to continue working. We ensure the schedule is coordinated to keep subcontractors working efficiently, with limited to no downtime. Accurate construction coordination means getting the work done efficiently to save time which saves you money!


Our construction management system is simple. We work with you to build a better space for your business. We believe that together, we will build an environment to help your business thrive, and a space that you and your customers will be proud of!


Let’s Build Together!