Our People

Our people are the foundation of our success. This is where hard work and creativity meet. The talents and skills of each individual are what make the Compton Construction Team great.  Each person plays a unique role in delivering a successful construction project. These are the builders of Columbus.

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  • Leadership
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  • Administration
  • Blake Compton Blake Compton

    Blake Compton

    Owner and Founder

  • Todd Mills Todd Mills

    Todd Mills

    General Manager

  • Jeff Berling Jeff Berling

    Jeff Berling

    Director of Construction

  • Wade Hungerford Wade Hungerford

    Wade Hungerford

    Director of Preconstruction

  • Arthur Brennick Arthur Brennick

    Arthur Brennick


  • Jim Krier Jim Krier

    Jim Krier

    Project Manager

  • Greg Corbett Greg Corbett

    Greg Corbett

    Project Manager

  • Cabby Lawry Cabby Lawry

    Cabby Lawry

    Administrative Manager

  • Bill Radebaugh Bill Radebaugh

    Bill Radebaugh

    Preconstruction Assistant

  • Tim Border Tim Border

    Tim Border

    Project Coordinator

  • Don Girard Don Girard

    Don Girard


  • andrew comer Andrew Comer

    Andrew Comer


  • Rob Compton Rob Compton

    Rob Compton


  • Steve Larosa Steve Larosa

    Steve Larosa


  • Greg Hall Greg Hall

    Greg Hall


  • Austin Lebarron Austin Lebarron

    Austin Lebarron


  • Matt Rose Matt Rose

    Matt Rose


  • Doug Thomas Doug Thomas

    Doug Thomas

    Field Assistant

  • Cheryl Martin Cheryl Martin

    Cheryl Martin

    Director of Accounting