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Tyrannical CEO forces Employees to Participate in Candle Friday

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COLUMBUS, OH – Compton Construction CEO Blake Compton, 30, has enforced employees to participate in “Candle Fridays” to bring a fresh scent to the work place, sources within the organization confirmed. “I need to see a lit candle on the desk of every employee on Friday, or tell them not to return on Monday!” Compton said in a meeting with department heads. The goal of this new policy is to shine a little light on the construction industry, which some say really stinks. Blake continued in his meeting by asking Employees “Who’s the boss?” and immediately answered “I’m the Boss!”

Later the policy developed into a “team building”¬†exercise, in which employees were forced to share the scent they selected for their desk, but then were immediately judged by Compton after sharing. “Banana Nut Bread scented? Don’t you realize your co-workers have nut allergies and gluten intolerance issues? Be respectful!” Compton said.

In an interview with Blake we asked why he enacted the new policy. “Other companies are spending time creating videos to talk about company culture, vision statements, and ‘why they are different.’ The visual space is over crowded. Do you know anyone else developing strategies around smells that make you feel refreshed, relaxed and motivated? Paradigm Shift! ¬†We are creating a new world and its focused on scent in the workplace.”

He’s thinking really big! Next week they plan to develop an employee incentive program called “Incentives for In-scents” which provide perks to employees going above and beyond for things like 3-wick candles and/or the premium wood wicked candles. Blake hopes other local CEOs will join him in creating tyrannical policies of their own.




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