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Soundproofing walls for music studio construction

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Don demonstrates the floating wall attachments that facilitate soundproofing

So many of our projects have unique needs that require unique construction tricks. At Chambers Music Studio, we needed to ensure that music practice stayed in the practice rooms. In this video, superintendent Don takes us in the walls and shows how we accomplished that.

Chambers Music Studio is a project working on noise cancellation. With metal studs, we normally connect drywall directly to the studs. In this situation, we’re trying to eliminate sound which brings in these rubber clips – the only thing that attach to our studs. Once we tie the furring channels into the rubber strips, we then attach the drywall to the furring strips, eliminating any contact between our finish and the metal framing behind it. That way the rubber of the clip will absorb any sound or vibration, hopefully eliminating any sound passing through the walls.

That’s how you get a soundproof room!

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