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A recent client of Compton Construction, we wanted to spotlight a young entrepreneur’s intrepid vision. Launching a franchise with tasteful, strategic brand elements laden throughout their built environment, Sarah San Pedro brought the Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) franchise to Columbus, becoming the first OTF franchise owner in Ohio. Columbus is lucky to have such a vibrant, hardworking, and caring individual running one of the most forward-thinking fitness centers in the city. Our president and founder Blake Compton sat down with Sarah in March while Compton Construction was finishing her interior renovation at her first location in Central Ohio, 7581 Sawmill Road in Dublin.


Below are some highlights of their Q&A:



BC: Why did you want to bring OTF to Columbus?

SP:  I do not have a background in the fitness industry but I have always gotten the spirit award when it comes to fitness and athletics—even if it was for being a “bench captain.”  I have always enjoyed a fit lifestyle and participated in many different fitness concepts and practices. While I was living in Arizona, I received a flyer for a trial class at Orangetheory and the class blew me away. I have never experienced that amount of energy, community and excitement at any other facility. I instantly wanted to be a part of the program, and never wanted to leave it behind. When my talented husband Tim was awarded a professorship at OSU, I knew it was a great opportunity for me to bring this amazing brand to Ohio.


Front Office Finished

(Pictured: The Reception / Welcome Desk of Orangetheory Dublin)


BC: What brand elements were important to include in the design of your space?

SP: The short answer of what brand elements are important would be the distinct Orange feel. This program is becoming a movement, and every spacial aspect of the design was carefully selected to create the atmosphere and the functionality of the studio. The brand is new to Ohio, this will be the first studio in the state, so there were high stakes to have a pristine pilot studio. Based on the progress, I think we have exceeded all expectations!


Orangetheory Fitness Dublin - Compton Construction Design Build

(Pictured: A view of the work out area)


BC: What do you find fascinating about the process?

SP: Just about everything about the commercial construction process fascinates me. But the level of coordination it would require to bring all of the layers of planning together are what impresses me the most.


BC: We are slated to complete construction in April, once open how will the space serve your members. What makes the space different than other centers in the area?

SP: We are drooling to get into our beautiful space! We will start with open houses to show clients the space they have been waiting for! We will take the time to train our staff to the unique components in the studio that characterize Orangetheory brand, and we hope to be rolling with actual classes by early May.


BC: Finally – Can you tell those reading what to expect out of a class now that we are done with construction and you are up and running?

SP: I am so excited to see the “wow” factor on everyone’s face when they walk into the studio – we are truly a much different fitness experience. The first notable observation is how bright, immaculately clean, and modern the space is. The workout studio is equipped with blocks of 12 of each of our main fitness components: premium treadmills, water rowing machines, and strength stations that include SBT straps, benches, free weights, BOSU balls etc.

Our classes are one-hour, total-body workouts for small groups that are delivered by a highly trained Personal Fitness Coach. Each member will be supplied with a wireless heart rate monitor that is displays personal heart rate in real-time on our large studio screens. Throughout the hour, members and the coach will watch their heart rate on the monitors to ensure effective and safe interval training within our 5 zone heart rate system.

Classes always include the perfect balance of go-at-your-pace cardio with strength and power training, and are different every day to support variety and prevent plateau. All fitness levels find great success with this program due to the customization of the workout and the mantra that we like to have our members work out smarter rather than harder!

The best feature is that after the class, members immediately receive an email with their results data shown in graphs and charts so they can visually see their performance and track their progress.

Orangetheory Fitness Dublin - Compton Construction Design Build

(Pictured: The large studio screens used to track participant’s heart rates).


Compton Construction, LLC served as the design build general contractor for Sarah, central Ohio’s franchise owner of Orangetheory Fitness. You can find Compton Construction on Facebook at and Orangetheory Fitness Dublin at

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