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Local Entrepreneur Confused If He is a CEO or Professional Gamer

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The old saying goes “don’t mix business with pleasure.”

Blake Compton, local entrepreneur has gotten himself confused on whether he is the CEO of a fast growing commercial construction company, or is a professional gamer in the Killer Queen tournament league.

15622295_10154008070582750_5714078037205044645_nOver the past year, he has been involved with a video game, Killer Queen, where two teams battle each other to do something with a snail, fill the hive with berries, or kill the enemy queen. Blake travels the nation to cities like Chicago, Austin, and Kansas City to press a single button and play with a joystick.

On the other hand, Compton started a construction company in 2012 that has come to be one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

However, the waters have gotten muddy.

The CEO has purchased a Killer Queen cabinet (that’s really happening, and not an April Fools joke. Seriously it’s getting made as we speak), and now is forcing his employees to play the game (and like it).

What started as Blake casually discussing the game, how he visits cities, and the play by play from the tournament, is now discussions on strategy and what roles fit each employee best. Company meetings are started by talking through tactics and ideas for game play.

Each week, employees are then provided feedback on attitude, competitiveness, and overall passion for the game. There is a leader board in the office to rank player skills and track overall performance.

Blake Compton shared a few thoughts on the idea. “Killer Queen forces team skills development. Each person has to play a critical role on their team to win in 1 of 3 ways. Its team building. It’s increasing employee moral. We are playing a game and having fun! – Win, Win, Win.”

Overall employees are mixed on the idea. Some think the game is stupid and they come in each day to work at a business, not play in an arcade. Others (the one with the brown nose’s) enjoy the game and get excited to play each day!

Either way, this is just another ground breaking development from your local commercial construction company.



Bonus Content: Blake and team competing nationally. Enjoy!


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