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Video – Experience Construction – Lobby Excavation

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Experience Construction

This is a video series by Compton Construction entitled Experience Construction. Our goal is to provide a glimpse into the work and tasks of completing a major commercial construction project. Videos are published weekly. Check out the full Experience Construction playlist or watch our other videos by visiting our YouTube Channel.

Lobby Excavation

Project: Columbus Idea Foundry

Adaptive reuse projects often need updates to the accessibility of the building. The original entrance was above the sidewalk and the old steps weren’t ADA accessible or in great shape.  In this video, workers cut concrete, excavate, and prepared for a completely new main entrance and elevator. The entrance had to be changed for ADA accessibility and making the entrance level with the sidewalks.

Phase: Lobby Excavation and Entrance Construction

Summary of work: 

  • Cut out concrete slab
  • Dug out dirt and unneeded material
  • Prep for elevator shaft

Next Steps: Interior work


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