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Builder offers “Pre-claimed Lumber”

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The Newest Innovation In Wood Finishes

Compton Construction, a commercial construction company in Columbus, Ohio, has developed a new material for building products. The innovative company now offers “Pre-claimed Lumber” on projects of all sizes.

Owner Blake Compton commented on the idea, “Sure reclaimed lumber is a hot trend today. But we thought, what if we beat the market and provided the wood earlier in the manufacturing process. We are cutting out the middle man.”

There is a strong demand for all types of artisan products in the marketplace today. Compton Construction is carving out a new market and adding to its niche. Their “Pre-claimed Lumber” products are guaranteed to be sustainable, organic, and artisan in nature. It is proven to be stronger than the rival reclaimed lumbers, and has little to no holes, splits, warps, or cupping to the boards.

“Our product can be used in all stages of construction,” said Blake,  “We have used it in framing and structural capacities, finish details, and even furniture.”

Compton Construction claims to have several local suppliers with stacks and stacks of “Pre-claimed Lumber”, ready to be used immediately.  Clients are able to choose their style, species, and purpose for how it could be reclaimed lumber in the future. The possibilities are endless.

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