Adaptive Reuse – Constructing Old Spaces For New Uses

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Deep Dive into the recent Business First Article: Paying homage to the past while creating the future – Q&A with Blake Compton”

This post is a follow up to an article in Columbus Business First with CEO, Blake Compton about adaptive reuse in Columbus, Oh. 

At Compton Construction, we have had the opportunity to build some one-of-a-kind, adaptive reuse spaces, by turning old buildings into new uses (want to learn more about what Adaptive Reuse is? Check out this article). In a Q&A with Columbus Business First, the article identified some of these most recent projects and  what has made them both great and challenging. We want to take it a step further and dive into how we pay homage to these buildings and help their new tenants make a new experience.

Here are a few of the most recent Adaptive reuse projects: (Or check out some videos of our most recent transformations)

  • Car Wash to Brewery – Lineage Brewing
  • Elevator Foundry to Brewery – Land Grant Brewing
  • Record Store to Restaurant – the Carvery
  • Factory to Makers Space – Idea Foundry
  • Auto Repair Garage to Bar – Pins Mechanical Co
  • Office to Restaurant – Mikey’s Late Night Slice
  • Warehouse/Retail to Commercial Mixed use – 995 N. 4th st.

Telling The Building’s Story

Each of these projects has a unique and different feel about them. We could identify unique element and challenge for each building based on the scope and usage changes. However, in all adaptive reuse projects, original building elements are preserved and incorporated in the new design to pay homage to the buildings history.

Before we dive into a project, it’s important to know the origin of the structure. In a design build project, we help identify the pieces that are both safe and valuable in saving for the final design. Then we work with our clients and designers/architects in bringing the brand experience to life through enhancing these features. These are the features that makes the project special.

Giving The Building New Life

There are a lot of steps to a change of use renovation, but when the project is done and the doors are open, a new story begins. The business now has a space designed for them, and an environment to succeed. Visitors can get a taste of the history, while creating their own memories in a safe and functional building. Compton Construction prides itself on bringing the branded experience to life in the built environment.

Adaptive Reuse In Columbus, Ohio

When you pair the thriving business environment of Columbus, with a rich history of buildings, the opportunities are almost endless. We love seeing forgotten buildings get renovated and recreated, whether we did them or not. Projects like Seventh Son, or the Smith Brothers Hardware Building, are what make Columbus unique. We see this movement of adaptive reuse continuing for the foreseeable future. Saving these buildings, versus tearing them down for new construction adds to the story of Columbus, and pays homage to what paved the way before we were here.


Want to get started with an adaptive reuse project and save a buildings history? 

Pay Homage to a Building’s Past


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