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Columbus’ Commercial General Contractor

We have helped lead the charge in building a better Columbus, infusing creativity and collaboration into commercial construction, and completing builds for clients that have become community staples.

Have you ever walked into Hot Chicken Takeover, Land Grant Brewing or Mikey’s Late Night Slice? (For the sake of your taste buds, I hope the answer is “yes.”) These are just a few of the more than 50 Columbus brands we have partnered with as a general contractor since 2012, each designed carefully to ensure the brand’s true character shines through in the space.

Beyond the best of food and drink, we play a role in building the organizations that shape the city’s culture, including Experience Columbus, Glass Axis, and the Columbus Idea Foundry, a transformative project in the creative district of Franklinton. We have changed the city skyline by building the Roof Top Patio on the Smith Brothers Hardware Building, along with work in Class A Office buildings and Industrial warehouses.

We have partnered with architects, artists, developers, corporations, and small businesses. Each project has its own story. We are passionate about construction, and that passion and our experience will help you through your unique project.

At Compton Construction, we embrace Columbus’s love for the quirky and creative, and work to amplify the collaborative energy that pulses through the city. The business has become one of the fastest-growing companies in central Ohio, widely recognized for our commitment to doing great work and doing good within Columbus.

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