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Idea Foundry Roof

Experience Construction

This is a video series by Compton Construction entitled Experience Construction. Our goal is to provide a glimpse into the work and tasks of completing a major commercial construction project. Videos are published weekly. Check out the full Experience Construction playlist or watch our other videos by visiting our YouTube Channel.

Rooftop Restoration

Project: Columbus Idea Foundry

The roof at the Columbus Idea Foundry had long out lived its life expectancy. Crews restored the rooftop by removing the old materials and laying down new, more energy efficient roofing. The process took a few weeks, but the result is a more energy efficient and watertight roof. New siding and windows were also installed on the clear story. This will provide amazing views of the city, and additional light into the space.

Phase: Exterior work Рroofing, siding, gutters

Summary of work: 

  • Cut roofingCut away old roofing material, while preserving the interior framing – carry it to a container on a fork lift – dispose of waste
  • Install new roofing and insulation
  • Replaced non-functioning gutters and downspouts to direct water appropriately
  • Add new siding to clear story

Next Steps: Interior work – Framing, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing


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