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Hardwood Flooring Refinish

Experience Construction

This is a video series by Compton Construction entitled Experience Construction. Our goal is to provide a glimpse into the work and tasks of completing a major commercial construction project. Videos are published weekly. Check out the full Experience Construction playlist or watch our other videos by visiting our YouTube Channel.

Refinishing Floors

Project: Columbus Idea Foundry

The original hardwood flooring on the second floor of the Columbus Idea Foundry was in great shape for it’s age. They were in need of some help though, and after some patchwork and light refinish, they will last another hundred years. We preserved the wear and tear, while enhancing the old growth wood’s natural beauty.

Phase: Interior Finishes РFlooring Refinish and Repair

Summary of work: 

  • Sand off old varnish and minor scratches or scuffs
  • Seal Bare wood to enhance, preserve and protect

Next Steps: Interior work – Framing, HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing


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