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Preconstruction Services

We know that taking on a new project can be very overwhelming. Our menu of preconstruction services is designed for consultation. We provide early design and budget analysis to save you time and money. Compton Construction will collaborate with you and your team to help establish a plan before ever swinging a hammer or breaking ground.

Preconstruction Services + Consultation Planning

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Site Analysis

Will the site fit your needs without excessive additional cost? We want to help you determine if the potential location will handle exactly what you need it to. We analyze things like parking, infrastructure, utilities, and overall existing conditions to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting into!
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Budget Development & Estimating

We understand that early and accurate budget estimates are critical to your project’s success. Our system helps you identify exactly where your budget will go, and provides documentation along the way. Our experienced in-house team provides a watchful eye, along with advice to assist you in making the best possible financial decisions.
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Our constructability review helps ensure that what is designed has been accurately reflected in the build plans. We then ensure that specific details are defined for subcontractors to accurately bid and complete the work. Compton Construction will identify areas of concern and help provide alternative solutions if needed.
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Value Engineering

Everyone enjoys saving money! Our team helps determine that the scope of work fits your budget and can suggest areas for cost savings. We are experienced in identifying alternative solutions to achieve the same results, while saving money from the original plan. Compton Construction is proud to assist in making projects happen through creative value engineering solutions.
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Compton Construction schedules your project from start to finish. Our team identifies key milestones throughout, and clearly defines all activities along the way. An accurate schedule will help hold all teams accountable, while letting you know exactly where your project timeline stands.

Our construction management system is simple. We work with you to build a better space for your business. We believe that together, we will build an environment to help your business thrive, and a space that you and your customers will be proud of!