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Construction Management

Construction is a complicated business. There are many different trades and many different specialties involved in projects of large and small scope. With over 40 years combined in construction management, we have the experience to know and understand these trades and specialties to best schedule and manage the job site.

We oversee the construction of your project and take responsibility for every crucial aspect, including permits, contracts, subcontractors, and comprehensive management of the construction process. We use our relationships with our most trusted sub-contractors to build cohesive teams for you and your project.

Proactive Construction Management Services

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Budgeting & Schedules

Our construction management services will assist you from the early planning stages to completion of construction. We are experts at bid tabulation and construction scheduling, and we provide a transparent window into how your budget gets spent, along with a highly accurate timeline of when work will be completed.

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We take extra precaution to ensure that the job site is safe for your team, our workers, and anyone who may visit the job site during active construction. Our process not only protects individuals on site, but also your existing conditions and, ensures space security. A safe environment is a daily priority for our construction managers.

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Construction Documents & Permitting

Compton Construction has experience in completing all necessary construction documents you may need. We are ready to assist you with everything from financing assistance to permit submission and completion of the work. Paperwork is no fun. Let us handle it for you!

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Material & Lead Time Management

Ensuring that all materials are on the job site at the correct time is critical to executing the carefully planned construction schedule. Compton Construction takes the extra steps necessary to make sure the materials and fixtures are ordered in a timely manner to keep your project on schedule.

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Construction Coordination

We take pride in coordinating with all stakeholders every step of the way. Our team of experts will ensure the work gets done in the correct manner.

Our construction management system is simple. We work with you to build a better space for your business. We believe that together, we will build an environment to help your business thrive, and a space that you and your customers will be proud of!