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Brewery Construction Services

The culture we have developed at Compton Construction is the same culture that the craft beer industry shares: exhausting in the details, uncompromising in the quality, and unpretentious enough to not care if our shirts are untucked. Building the breweries where people come together to share good conversation over even better beer is something we love to do.

We build breweries at Compton Construction because we believe in the people behind the craft beer movement.

We are a young and innovative company, capable of building quickly. There are no ordinary builds for us, and we only enjoy the challenge of making each space its own.

Lineage brewing

Drinking craft beer is a passion of ours! We get behind the passion by building the breweries where that beer is made. Unlike the brewing industry, the construction field isn’t typically about independent collaboration. Compton Construction was created to be different and innovative.

Land Grant brewery

We bring a unique approach to understanding each brand as we assist in developing the design of their built environment. With the vision of our design team, the talent of our experts, and the ingenuity of Compton Construction, we will ensure every need is met in your brewery.

Land Grant brewing

With the design/build delivery method, Compton Construction will champion alongside our designers to ensure your budget is met and construction is completed on time (mostly because we want to drink the beer).

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