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Zack Meronoff

Preconstruction Manager

What I Do: manage the preconstruction phase of projects; identify, and pursue new business opportunities; develop and maintain strong relationships with clients, vendors, and industry partners. Collaborate with our construction/projects teams to ensure project success.

My Spirit Animal: Wolf – loyalty, guardianship, power, teamwork, and wildness. Considered a powerful guiding force having intuition and an instinct to detect dangerous situations.


Interests & Hobbies: Spending time with my family, working out, cooking, movies, golfing and enhancing my education.

Neighborhood: Canal Winchester and North Canton

Organizations/Non-Profits: Cleveland Clinic Cancer Center, UH Seidman Cancer Center, American Liver Foundation (ALF)

Favorite Tool: A minute to think.

Lifetime Goal: Build a house on a nice piece of land, raise a strong and respected family, and travel overseas with them.