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Greg Corbett

Project Manager

What I Do: I work hand in hand with our estimator on the front end of the project, and continue all the way through to completion of your project. This requires that I take a lot of phone calls, and do a lot of paperwork, and ensure the subcontractors are keeping on schedule. You know, everything that you do not want to deal with during your project.

My Spirit Animal: Honey Badger (Fearless, Problem Solver, Unaffected by anything).


Interests & Hobbies: Outdoors, Camping, Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Camouflage, ‘Merica, Tequila, 4th of July, Freedom, and Freedom

Neighborhood: Delaware

Organizations/Non-Profits: NRA, United States Marine Corps Veteran

Favorite Tool: Tactical Tomahawk

Lifetime Goal: Save up enough money during my working years to buy a large amount of land out west and retire off the grid.