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Office Renovation

A snapshot inside an office renovation…

Businesses renovate their offices for a number of reasons; need for more space, new locations, or maybe a fresh new look. As a commercial general contractor, it is our job to ensure your goals are met, and solutions are delivered throughout the project. We strive to understand the goals and vision for the space early on, and keep that in front of mind throughout the project. In a design build environment, there will be challenges that come up throughout the renovation, but it is the best way to prevent major issues during construction.

Office renovation conference roomOffice renovations generally involve only modifications to the interior of the building. They can be large or small in scope. While in the planning phase, it is suggested to think about the business needs 5 to 10 years out in the future. Although no one can predict exactly what the future looks like, making smart planning decisions will help ensure the office space can accommodate the future needs. Communicating your needs and goals early on will help all parties find the best solutions for the business.

There are many different relationships and stakeholders for office renovation projects. Often times, the business is not the building owner, and the renovations are tenant improvements. In these situations, the general contractor will need to work with both the building owner and the tenant to complete construction. Depending on the nature of the agreement, both parties (Landlord and Tenant) can be responsible for paying for certain aspects of the renovation. For example, mechanical systems are often upgraded or repaired at the expense of the building owner, while the interior finishes and layout are the responsibility of the business owner. A responsibility matrix can often be used to clearly define the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved.

office renovation cubesWhen a business is staying put through the renovation, the general contractor should make special accommodations as least invasive as possible. Extra precautions should be taken regarding safety and cleanliness while working. Noise, odor, and the over all environment will be effected at times, and a good communication plan goes a long way in keeping all parties happy. Often times, a general contractor will work early mornings, late evenings, or weekends to complete work that would otherwise be invasive to the working environment.

Compton Construction has a long list of office renovation experience. We pride ourselves on close collaboration to accommodate all the needs of the business. Our goal is to complete your office renovation in a timely manner, on a budget that works for you. We are ready to be your design build general contractor for your office renovation!


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