New Services Available from the Columbus Building and Zoning Services Department

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Thanks a lot Columbus!

365afe34bcc1f99311a543c95777b99591aa2c289bebfa1f3f35e201648c5ee5_1Last week, the Columbus Building and Zoning Services Department published a press release sharing details about two new services for Developers. The first service is an expedited after hours review process for building plans, and the second is a same day permitting for specific types of commercial alterations such as tenant finishes.

The first service started May 1, 2016. The second will start June 1, 2016.

These services have come in response to the industry requesting faster, more efficient ways to obtaining a permit. This is a milestone innovation at the city.

What this means:  Faster Permit = Faster Project Completion

Normal Plan reviews may take up to 30 days before the Permit is issued. Although demolition may start during that time, with a removal start permit, the progress typically stalls once demo is complete. When a project losses time at the beginning of the project, it takes a lot more effort throughout to catch back up. Since the permits can be issued much faster, it allows for projects to start and run seamlessly.

Read the Full Press Release 


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