Building with Responsibility

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Using a responsibility matrix defines project accountability.

Construction projects have a lot of moving parts. There are teams of tradesmen, owner teams, and other stakeholders that all have ideas and responsibilities. We are often asked by owners about using their established partners or doing certain things themselves within a project. At Compton Construction, we believe in a collaborative approach, and constructing with accountability.

As a general contractor, we are a link in a complex chain. Our main responsibility is to ensure that construction is completed correctly, and on time. This can be a challenge at times, depending on the complexity of the moving parts. We believe in establishing a Responsibility Matrix as one of the first steps in our project planning for a smoother overall project.

A typical responsibility matrix will define exactly what Compton Construction is providing and installing, and what the others will be providing and installing. In the example below, the client and landlord have teams to complete work themselves. We defined everything from the start and included the work on the construction schedule. Communication and accountability are the most important part of this approach.


By defining the responsibilities, there are opportunities to save time and money on the total project. The client’s commitment to working on the project themselves, allows for work to be completed on nights and weekends, while most trades are not working. The DIY approach will also save money, but may not be the best choice for certain situations.

Regardless of who is completing the work or sourcing the materials, we believe that strong collaboration builds a better relationship and a successful project. We have experience installing your specific fixtures or required elements. We have partnered with our past clients preferred vendors to complete past projects. At Compton Construction accountability runs deep in who we are. We will take responsibility to complete your project the way you want it!

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