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Compton Construction has a long-standing commitment to supporting the arts in Columbus, Ohio, as we believe they play a significant role in enhancing the city’s vibrant cultural landscape. One of the key ways we boost the arts is by providing lift rentals for mural projects, a vital resource for artists working on large-scale public art installations. Our support has supported events such as the Alley Islands mural festival and the Columbus Arts Festival, which showcase the creativity and talent within our community.

At the Alley Islands mural festival, artists transform urban spaces into dynamic canvases, creating stunning murals that breathe new life into the city’s alleyways. Compton Construction’s provision of lift rentals allowed artists to safely and efficiently reach new heights, quite literally, as they brought their visions to fruition. In addition to Alley Islands we provided a lift for a recent mural project for the world-renowned Miss Birdy in Athens, OH.

Similarly, during the Columbus Arts Festival, which attracts thousands of visitors each year, our support for lift rentals helps the event organizers with the set up and tear down of the event’s temporary structures and signage.

Beyond our contributions to festivals, Compton Construction is also a proud supporter of the Art for Franklinton gala. This annual event is a major fundraiser for the Franklinton Arts District, an area known for its burgeoning arts scene and cultural significance. The Art for Franklinton event features an auction of approximately 30 original works of art from the annual Scrawl event where artists live paint mural pieces over a 3-day weekend. Our founder, Blake Compton, served as both MC and auctioneer at this year’s gala underscoring our dedication to the arts and our belief in the transformative power of creative expression. The funds raised during the gala help to sustain and grow the arts district, providing resources and opportunities for local artists to thrive.

Compton Construction’s support for the arts in Columbus is a testament to our belief in the importance of community engagement and cultural development. Through our contributions, we aim to foster a thriving arts environment that enriches the lives of residents and visitors alike.

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