Jaryd Botha

Asst. Superintendent

Jaryd Botha Headshot

What I Do:
While still in predominantly a learning role, I try to take on as much of the responsibilty as I can when it comes to our clients connection to our subcontractors. Ensuring that they have peace of mind during the construction process and that their vision is met.

My Spirit Animal: Chimpanzee (Fast learning, resourcefull, tempermental, social)

About Me:

Interests & Hobbies: Hiking, Kayaking, Swimming, Climbing, Woodworking, Learning

Neighborhood: Hilliard

Favorite Tool: Cordless Impact Driver/Circular Saw

Lifetime Goal: Buy my grandmothers old beachhouse and remodel it to rent out or retire in.

Past Projects:

  • Crimson Cup Innovation Lab

Connect With Me: